The hospitality industry is very competitive and today’s diners have a higher set of standards. Our operations believe in “Street Level Priorities,” which is a multi-level, multi-discipline program that compels us to respect and compete for each traveler’s “choice” to dine with us as if we had the same level of competition as on the street. Among other things, this means providing highly desired and value-driven dining options.


An enticing atmosphere is the first thing an airport guest notices. Although location and convenience is generally the primary motivator for food and beverage, an unwelcoming façade will stop any hesitant traveler.

Aero Service Group strives to create a welcoming, clean, enjoyable and functional space for travelers, employees, and guests at all of our locations. Keeping to corporate specifications of our franchise partners is important in the development of a location, but upkeep and follow-up is crucial to maintaining expectations.


Aero Service Group knows that efficient operations equate to positive performance. We are driven primarily by operations and our operations department is intrinsically involved in all aspects of the Company and its restaurants. Through proper controls and regular communication, opportunities and challenges are recognized and addressed immediately.

In addition to daily oversight, we run periodic benchmark and cost reports that keep corporate management apprised of day-to-day operations. A monthly QUALITY ASSUANCE AUDIT is performed at our restaurants. This audit takes a deeper look at specific elements within each unit. Facility upkeep and maintenance, product quality, customer service, merchandising displays, food safety and equipment maintenance, among other things, are individually scrutinized.

Proper vendor relationships are maintained by our Director of Operations, with support from our team members. We seek to work directly with manufacturers, produce suppliers and brokers to develop programs to capitalize on current trends and other opportunities. We also assure consistent and frequent delivery days to maintain the highest quality in perishable products.


Aero Service Group understands that our success fundamentally depends upon hiring the right people. We hire our managers and hourly staff from competitive street restaurants. These strategies have enabled us to experience minimal staff turnover in challenging labor markets.


The captive environment of an airport provides some unique challenges within a traditional marketing program, but there are significant opportunities to drive sales with a good understanding of what marketing our restaurants can mean for our relationship with our guests. Training, menu development and engineering, execution and point-of purchase materials are just a few components of our sales-building tools.

Our menus and tabletop marketing materials are carefully engineered and are updated regularly with the changing of seasons or corporate programs. Menu and marketing activities are thoroughly researched for execution and customer approval.

We actively seek out unique marketing opportunities within each airport as they are available. Current uses at some of our facilities include electronic LCD displays, promotional material, wrap-images on pillars and other airport specific avenues.


Aero Service Group also believes that it is our responsibility to give back to the communities where we do business. When possible we involve our airport vendor partners in these opportunities. Through reduced and/or free services or purchasing tables at charity functions, Aero Service Group has given thousands of dollars to organizations such as the USO, VFW, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness, Children’s Hospital and the MSP Airport Foundation, to name a few. In addition, we encourage and support our staff’s participation in activities that benefit our local communities. We also reach out to our food and beverage vendors to incorporate their organizations in giving back.


The dedication and longevity of Aero Service Group’s management team has allowed the company to grow and develop using the best practices in the hospitality field while tailoring it to the demanding atmosphere of an airport.  With over 90 years of combined experience in the Food & Beverage industry, we have successfully developed, marketed, operated and managed national, regional and local full- and quick-service brands, as well as developed propriety concepts that target specific demographics and/or airport requirements.

Cheng S. Lor: President, CEO, Shareholder & Director

Cheng Lor obtained his Juris Doctorate from William Mitchell College of Law after receiving his Bachelors of Arts Degree in Accounting and Political Science at Gustavus Adolphus College.  He combines his legal, accounting and analytic skills to lead Aero Service Group. Creating an atmosphere that recognizes the importance of people and team work while maintaining a high standard of quality operations and financial responsibility, he delivers a sound business model to provide growth opportunities within the complex airport markets.

Binh Le: Vice President, Shareholder & Director

Binh Le has successfully started and profitably managed businesses in real estate, retail, and restaurant industries.  This includes successful navigation of local and state regulatory agencies to secure permits, licenses, financing  and construction for properties. With a strong background in market analysis and business consulting, Mr. Le provides a foundation within Aero Service Group that enhances development and personal opportunities. 

Bob Helman: Chief Operating Officer

Michelle Ranum: Chief Marketing & Brands Officer

Sarah Oltmann: Human Resources Manager

Jeff Garver: Director of Operations

Cindy Wrecza: Controller

Robb Siever: Projects & Facilities Manager