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Light Lager (Plain Simple - No Coast Brewing) 10.50

4.5% ABV | Straight-forward Light Lager, no frills no fuss

American Lager (Lager Dam 14 - Twin Span Brewing) 11.75

4.2% ABV | Beer-flavored beer, this is the beer you drink when you think "I'm thirsty, thirsty for beer"

German Pilsner (TG Pils - Toppling Goliath) 11.75

5.6% ABV | Clean and slightly sweet malt flavors with loads of German hops to give it a floral aroma with a grassy/spicy/snappy finish

Blueberry Blonde Ale (Bluejacket - Front Street) 11.75

5.4% ABV | This alliteration of a brew is an easy-drinking blonde ale featuring a dose of natural blueberry flavor. The mild sweetness is highlighted by a refreshing taste that makes you want to takeanother drink.

Belgian Blond (Blond Fatale - Peacetree) 11.75

8.5% ABV | The biggest difference between an American Blonde and a Belgian Blond is the “e” at the end of the 2nd word. That and the elevated ABV and the Belgian yeast which gives soft clove flavors and aromas with medium-strong lemon and orange notes. Also the malt is more honey-like and the beer has a richer mouthfeel. Okay, the “e” is actually not the biggest difference


Light Lager (Saturday Night Light - Kinship Brewing Company) 9.00

3.5% ABV | Light and easy, this is a crusher low-ABV Light Lager

American Lager (Ruthie - Exile Brewing) 10.50

4.9% ABV | One of Iowa’s best-selling local Craft beers, this is smooth and malt-forward but dry and easy.

In the Middle


Wheat Beer (Citrus Surfer - Big Grove Brewery) 11.75

4.8% ABV | Medium-bodied with bready malts and a snappy finish, this beer leads with citrusy aromas, starting with lemon and finishing with orange

Amber Ale (Red Zeppelin - Lake Time Brewing) 12.00

4.8% ABV | This amber/red hued beer features bready aromas with hints of fruit. Flavors of toast and caramel hit up-front but give way to slight hints of roast and a surprisingly dry finish

Double Red Ale (2 Alarm - Firetrucker Brewing) 12.00

7.4% ABV | Decidedly sweet malt aromas with various fruit notes, flavors of candied orange and cherry with toffee and a soft but lingering finish. Elevated ABV of this beer is covered surprisingly well


Amber Lager (Kinship) - CAN 9.00

4.7% ABV | Soft hints of toast and caramel, this is a dry and crisp beer, perfect for a serious Craft drinker who wants a palate-rest or a curious Macro drinker who doesn’t want to try anything too outlandish

Wheat Ale (Cranberry/Orange Wheat - Brightside Aleworks) 11.00

6.2% ABV | Definite orange flavors with just a hint of balancing tartness from the cranberry



Bock (Bow-Chicka-Wow-Wow - Millstream Brewing) 12.00

6% ABV | Caramel/chocolate Bock, richly sweet aromas and flavors give way to a dry and biscuity body with a hint of roast and an unexpectedly clean finish

Brown Ale (Pointer Brown - Court Avenue Brewing) 11.00

5.7% ABV | Aromas of toasted wheat bread crusts and dark malts match the initial flavors, but a soft prickly hint of deep roast character with smooth butterscotch-like flavors are what this beer is really about

Stout (Milk Man - Confluence Brewing Company) 11.00

5.7% ABV | Deep roast provides espresso and baker’s chocolate flavors and aromas. The more aggressively dark elements of this beer are balanced by a touch of lacto-sweetness to make it deep and rich but round full


Porter (Vanilla Porter - Front Street) 10.50

6.2% ABV | Balanced roast with smooth and sweet vanilla flavors and aromas



Pale Ale (Rye’d - Twisted Vine) 11.75

4.9% ABV | Pine-like and dank aromas with some citrus, rye additions give sweet/peppery flavors and the fruitiness is mostly citrus-like with lemon drop flavors lingering

IPA - West Coast (ReUnion IPA - ReUnion Brewing) 11.00

7% ABV | Full of Columbus and Chinook hops to provide old-school pine/dank/peppery aromas and flavors but with a decidedly tropical finish, well-balanced with enough of a bitter kick to remind you that you're drinking an IPA

IPA - Cold (Big River - Iowa Brewing) 11.75

6.3% ABV | Herbaceous/floral/melon-like aromas with subdued tropical and citrus flavors. Softly bitter yet hop-forward with an extremely clean/dry finish

IPA - Hazy (Recreational Outrage - Hot Air) 11.00

6.3% ABV | Using a very specific Norwegian strain of brewer’s yeast called Voss gives this brew all the fruitiness you expect from a Hazy but without the long lingering and heavy mouthfeel some Hazy IPAs have

IPA - Hazy (Hazy Diamond Bling Sauce - Brightside Aleworks) 12.00

7% ABV | Sabro hops shine in this beer with pineapple and lime dominating, followed by soft hints of coconut and melon. Fruity as one could ask but smooth and refreshing

IPA - Double (Magic Carpet Ride - Gezellig Brewing Company) 11.75

8% ABV | Slight dank aromas pair with hints of mango and pineapple, flavors of orange and pineapple with hints of mango and pine. This drinks unusually clean and easy for a Double IPA, with nearly imperceptible alcohol. Dangerous


Pale Ale (Yoga Poser - No Coast Brewing) 11.00

6.2% ABV | Stong citrus and stone fruit aromas and flavors with assertive but forgiving bitterness, riding the fence between Pale Ale and IPA, this will satisfy either thirst

Pale Ale (Pseudo Sue - Toppling Goliath) 12.50

5.8% ABV | One of the most highly-regarding large-production Craft beers in America, this is fruity, citrusy and dank without crushing bitterness

IPA - Double (King Sue - Toppling Goliath) 14.00

7.8% ABV | Great nose, aggressive hop profile but not overwhelming, the hazy factors are all there, juicy but not lingering

Flavorful & Fun

Sour (Pucker Up Meow - Backpocket Brewing) 12.00

6% ABV | Cherry Pie-inspired sour with strong cherry flavors and a touch of sugary sweetness. Medium-tart and very fruit-forward


Sour (Wizard - Confluence) 11.00

Rotating, ABV Varies | Strawberry/rhubarb Gose-style sour, tart-plus with sweet strawberry flavors and a touch of tart/earthy rhubarb

Cider - Dry (Gold Rush - Wilson’s) 12.50

8.4% ABV | Apple-forward with hints of tart citrus-like elements, this is a dry cider with dangerously well-hidden alcohol

Cider - Fruited (Cherry - Wilson’s) 12.50

4.5% ABV | Semi-sweet with flavors of dried cherries.

Cider - Semi-sweet (Flyway Gold - Convergence) 13.00

6.2% ABV | Softly sweet in the way a good apple is naturally sweet, not sugary

Cider - Tart (Wild Bluff Aronia - Convergence) 13.00

6.1% ABV | Dry cider base with aronia berries which are in the same family as cranberries. Expect soft apple with a tart/tannic dry finish

NA Ruthie - Exile - 10.50

.5% ABV | The Golden lager that Iowa loves with all of the flavor you expect but none of the alcohol that tomorrow-you regrets

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